Although Zhang Jike has been increasingly involved in variety and reality shows, his show business pursuits haven’t overshadowed his athletic achievements.

After all, he was the fastest player ever to win a table tennis Grand Slam, including a World Table Tennis Championships title in 2011, a World Cup title in 2011, and London Olympics champion in 2012.

Amazed by his professional skills and good looks, many have called Zhang the “national husband”.

But now, the 30-year-old table tennis star is officially taken.

On March 28, Zhang and actress Jing Tian confirmed their romance on Sina Weibo, by sharing a photo of themselves walking hand in hand on a beach, with the caption“K loves T”. The photo was posted months after rumors began that they were secretly seeing each other.

Some internet users quickly pointed out that July 21 is Jing’s birthday, and that’s probably why Zhang chose 7:21 am to announce the news.
一些网友很快便发现,7月21日是景甜的生日,而这或许也是张继科选在早上7:21 公布恋情的原因。

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